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    Presentations by Matthew G. Marsh, JD NSA CISA CISSP

    Current Publicly Released Presentations
    *Law & Security Update 25-May-2010
    *Rearview Mirror 03-Dec-2015

    Historical Archives - Prior to 2009
    *IP {v4,v6,Sec} Exposed
    *Policy Routing
    *Managing Secure Networks
    *Secure Protocol Usage
    *Cisco SNMPv3
    *Wireless Security
    *WebServices Session 1
    *WebServices Session 2
    *Poster Handout (11x17)
    *WebServices Session 1 HTML
    *WebServices Session 2 HTML
    *Linux 2.6 CryptoAPI
    *HTML Online
    *Linux Advanced Security in a Hostile Environment
    *Linux/390 Security
    *Policy Routing 2001
    *SNMP Version 3 2002
    *Managing n-Tier Web Services 2003
    *IPSec & Encryption in Linux 2.6
    *Replacing TripWire with SNMPv3

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