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    Paktronix Systems


    Paktronix Systems LLC


    Paktronix Systems has been delivering robust information security solutions for over fifteen years. We advise our clients on critical information management, compliance, and data security issues and recommend best-fit solutions leveraging leading technological architectures seamlessly integrated into your workflow. We integrate TPS and LEAN with comprehensive project managament to ensure the business processes and systems we provide you increase your competitiveness via greater efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in both cost savings and increased revenue.

    We have a well balanced team of professionals with over 80 years combined experience in:

    • Information security assessments and recommendations
    • Data Breach legal and regulatory compliance
    • PCI, HITECH/HIPPA, SOX, and other compliance regimes
    • Network infrastructure analysis and design
    • Communication platform assessments and design
    • Network traffic analysis and prioritization
    • Business survey development and analytics

    Paktronix is a client centric organization focused on providing holistic solutions enabling your business to offer value to your customers. We deliver results oriented solutions by developing and implementing practical business processes with proven methodologies, thus increasing your value.

    Our client list includes:

    • Healthcare Industry (Payers/Providers/Pharmaceutical)
    • Local, State, and Federal government agencies
    • Financial Institutions
    • Educational Organizations
    • Small and Midsize corporate entities throughout a wide range of fields
    At Paktronix we view every project for our clients as an opportunity to expand and continually improve their corporate brand across industries.

    Paktronix Systems Information Assurance

    Download a PDF of our Information Assurance & Security CVV.

    PakSecured Product Family

    PakSecured is currently the only complete Policy Routing Operating System with a broad computing platform base. Based on the Linux OS, PakSecured runs on all processor families capable of running the Linux kernel. Policy Routing encompasses Quality of Service (QoS), Advanced TCP/IP routing of IPv4 and IPv6, IPSec encryption and VPN structures, Bandwidth Allocation and Traffic Shaping, and Address Allocation features such as NAT and IP Masquerade. While these features are available independently in various products, PakSecured implements the full range of Policy Routing. All of these features are integrated into a hardened OS distribution designed to operate in hostile network environments. PakSecured has no desktop or user based functionality and is specifically targeted at servers with a need for high security, 24x7 uptime, and which are required to run without operator intervention. Coupling these needs with the flexibility and power of a complete Policy Routing structure puts PakSecured into a unique niche.

    On top of the base PakSecured Linux distribution can be layered many different services. These include security, monitoring, management, and corporate services. The PakSecured family derives flexibility from the separation of function between the core secured system that provides the connectivity and the services provided upon that secured base. The advanced routing, logging, and security features provided by the base system allow for secured management and verification of the services.

    We see the PakSecured product family as providing an advanced solution for Inter and Intra network systems where reliability, scale, and flexibility in a security platform are the most important factors. Call us for an evaluation of your needs.

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